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 Y0urD4athHa6enger's GM Application.

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PostSubject: Y0urD4athHa6enger's GM Application.   Sat May 15, 2010 2:26 pm

Name:Kakassy Konrad Karoly




About myself:If you guys dont know me yet,
then let me introduce myself.Im a long time
flyff vet.Ive been playing since 8.I am a kind
and justicefull person and I can take the best decisions
for anybody who has trouble in ViciousFlyFF.
E-Mail Adress:

GM Experience:I have GM experience becous when I
was 12 years old i had my own Server.(Didnt work out though)
I can handle the commands and such.So no worries about that.

Why should you hire me?:

I think it would have a big effect on the ViciousFlyFF community
if there would be a "Fresh" GM and one that can decide what to
do with certain rulebrakers.It would also help balance "law"
or even eradicate crimes to help remove stress off ViciousFlyFF players.
I am not that kind of guy that takes over command of something
and disregards others from the community.

Hours Online:Well...IM playing ViciousFlyFF everyday for
7-8 hours.This is becouse I go to High-School.

Xat Time:I prefer playing and helping others
but i sometimes go chat whit others on Xat.
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Y0urD4athHa6enger's GM Application.
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